(If the shoe fits – wear it and play with a Prince)
(club members only)

Cancelled – not enough players
Pickleball 2.5 – 3.0 Skill Event

Sunday October 12 from 1:15 – 4:30 pm
Format of Play: Round Robin Couples Match Play
Limited Draw: 8 women and 8 men @ 2.5; 8 women and 8 men @ 3.0
What is a Shoe-In? Each female participant on the registration list brings a “representative” identifiable shoe at 1:15 pm. The shoes of all the 2.5 women will go in a black plastic bag and the representative shoes of the 3.0 women will go into another black bag. The representative shoe could be a combat boot, flip-flop, ski boot, a bedroom slipper, a roller skate, a high-heel, etc. While socializing and eating a light lunch, the 2.5 men and the 3.0 men will draw a shoe from the same skill level sack. The owner of the chosen shoe partners up with that player for the Round Robin Couples event.
Once partners are fitted and found, match play will begin.
Bring a Chair, an Appetizer to share, and your own Beverage
(I will make ham sliders. We will eat around 1:30)

Open registration begins October 1
Email Christie Borne to register

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