2018 HSV Pickleball Nominating Committee Report

The following candidates have notified the Pickleball Club nominating committee that they are willing to be candidates for the 2018 Board of Directors.

Randy Share, President
Greg Allen, Vice-President
Calvin Doody, Treasurer
Ian Tompkins, Member At Large
Peggy Farnsworth, Secretary
F.T. Eyre, Member At Large

In addition to these candidates, any Pickleball Club member who would like to be a candidate for a board position may either nominate themselves or allow another member to nominate them. All elective board positions are for 1 year terms.

If you are a current club member and would like to be a candidate for the 2018 board, please contact Charlie John (cjidorunrun@hotmail.com), Jody Klem (Klem1@swbell.net) or Betty Wilhite (bettywilhite@gmail.com) no later than February 15. 

Charlie, Betty and Jody

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