New Work-up Format for Friday Drop-in

You will find two things different.  There will be a definite structure to the play, because everyone will be playing by the same guidelines. Players will move up or down a court depending on the game results.  You will also have the opportunity to move up and play with players better than yourself occasionally.  That gives each of us the opportunity to improve our game. See the rules for the Friday work-up format.

USAPA Nationals Livestream

USAPA is providing a FREE livestream broadcast of the Nationals VII Open and Senior Open Days (Nov. 13, 14, 15).  Viewers can watch matches LIVE during the broadcast times or VIDEOS ON DEMAND once matches are archived.  To view, you will need to create a free Enetlive account and then you can view using any pc, laptop, phone or tablet with a good internet connection. The broadcast on is provided free thanks to our broadcast partners!

USAPA Nationals VII Broadcast Schedule

Fri, Nov. 13:  Open & Senior Open Men’s and Women’s Doubles (1pm-7pm)           
Sat, Nov. 14:  Open & Senior Open Mixed Doubles (1pm-7pm)
Sun, Nov. 15:  Open & Senior Open Men’s and Women’s Singles (10am-4pm)

Posted end times may change.  The daily broadcast will conclude with the last gold medal match of the day.

Complete instructions for registering and viewing are on this USAPA page.

Pool-Pickleball Project Delayed

The appeal of the Garner lawsuit has forced the POA to escrow the increased assessment fees and to not include them in the 2016 budget.

Quote from revised 2016 budget:

 The removed infrastructure projects include: Gate Software & Equipment Improvements, Pickleball/Pool Complex, Fuel Stop Renovation, and Balboa irrigation project. These projects and the corresponding long term project financing was moved to 2017. Management recommends a re-evaluation of the budget as soon as the assessment suit is finalized.

The fees for pickleball remain the same as 2015.

The complete revised budget is at this link.