Goodbye to the Old Desoto Courts – More Pictures Updates

Last Play on the Old Desoto Courts

Photos and comments by FT Eyre and drone Photos by Renee Steinpreis


Deb Allen returns the serve to Nancy Harlow and Dennis Wild. The Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club had a great close out game day for the old courts in the Village with over thirty players playing on Sunday.


Randy Share & Greg Allen, President & Vice President of the Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club, take down the last net on Court 08.

Construction on the new 14 Court Complex begins Monday, June 04, 2018, morning. For information on joining the HSV Pickleball Club, contact Greg Allen at

This is what the courts looked liked from the air


More Court Pictures from FT Eyre (Final Play) and Renee Stienpreis (Renovation begins)

Taping Temporary Courts – Boys and Girls Club

HSV Pickleball Club members work on taping temporary courts as construction begins on new HSV Pickleball Complex.

Photos By FT Eyre

As Randy mentioned in the previous post, these courts will provide backups as the Hot Springs Village new courts are being built. When the new courts are completed the Village will have 14 Tournament ready Pickleball Courts. For information on joining the Pickleball Club, contact Greg Allen at

Court taping​

Jim ​Erickson, T​willa Tompkins, and Dennis Wild, part of the Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club crew, work at taping Pickleball Courts on the Boys & Girls Club Tennis Courts outside the West Gate

HSV Pickleball Court Taping Crew

Top: Don VICKERS, Randy SHARE, Jay CHRISTENSON, Calvin DOODY, Bob SUNDELL, Dennis BLACK, Dennis WILD. Bottom: Ian and Twilla TOMPKINS, Greg ALLEN, and Jim ERICKSON.

Please Note: For Play on these courts, please refer to Randy Share’s earlier post…there is no court scheduling or court reservations and you must bring your own balls.


Visit From Gear Box

Visit from Gear Box Marketing

Thursday, May 10, 2018, HSV had visit from Rafael Filipino, Marketing representative for Gear Box Sports.  The Pro Team for Gear Box Pickleball is on their way back from Naples Florida and the National Championships.  They were in a 42 ft. Gear Box RV and are scheduling stops to let PB communities play with and Demo their paddles which are the unreleased new Paddle line.

Since HSV has one of the largest ownership’s of their paddles they wanted to schedule a stop here.  Ian Tompkins set that up and reserved an HSV RV site for their vehicle.  The play and demo was held Thursday at 10 am which was attended by many of our HSV Pickleball club members.

Below are some pictures from the event provided by Greg Allen.

Mid America Medal Winners – March 23-25, 2018


Congrats to the Hot Springs Village Pickleball Medalists at the Mid America Indoor Pickleball Championships!

Picture by Randy Share

HSV medalists are: Seated (from left), Sue Fisher, Christie Borne, Julie Edmonds, Darrell Riffel, Vince Forte, Al Stout, Howard Buell, Nancy Ross, Tony Ross and Dennis Ramsdell; standing, F T Eyre, Ken Unger, DeWayne Guess, Terry Adler, Greg Allen, Warren Walters, Ed Smith, David Tappe, Tom Rayner, Steve Wilhite, Jim McPherson, Bub Lachel, Kate Tully and Kevin Farrell. Medalists not pictured are Jane Riffel, Betty Wilhite, Geoff Hodsdon, Winnie Montgomery, Jo Goings and Harry Thomas 

PickleBall Club Open House October 14, 2017

A Microcosm of the Village Attends Open House

Pictures and Narrative submitted by Joyce Betts

We made over 50 new friends at our Open House on Oct. 14.  Attendees ranged in age from 14 to 70+ and their backgrounds were diverse: some were in the Village house hunting, some were visiting for the first time, some had lived in the Village anywhere from three days to 17 years, some were golfers, some were tennis players looking for a sport that would be easier on their joints, one was a hunter, and one was a young, excited Fountain Lake student with her mother.

Twenty of them came to the free clinic for beginners on the following Tuesday.  Watch out for them on the courts and make them welcome!  Some of them appear in the following slideshow of photos.

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