New Work-up Format for Friday Drop-in

You will find two things different.  There will be a definite structure to the play, because everyone will be playing by the same guidelines. Players will move up or down a court depending on the game results.  You will also have the opportunity to move up and play with players better than yourself occasionally.  That gives each of us the opportunity to improve our game. See the rules for the Friday work-up format.

Club Board Member Nominations

A Nominating Committee has been formed in order to receive nominations for 2015-2016 HSV Pickleball Club

Nominations are open from January 28 to February 13 2015, and the Pickleball Club members are encouraged to submit their own name or that of another Club member as a candidate who is in good standing with the club.  (You may nominate any Club member for an office, but with their permission.)

Note:  Nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two At Large members will be accepted through February 13 2015.  Please send your nomination(s) directly to Jim McPherson.

Once nominations are closed, we will send out an electronic ballot.  Only members of the HSV Pickleball Club are eligible to vote.  If there are 2 club members in your household using 1 email address, each may have 1 vote.

Nominations for all board members are encouraged so that there is more than one candidate for each position on the board.

HSV Pickleball Club will present the results of the electronic balloting to the club members through email.

Per our bylaws, we need to have a quorum of 10% of the Club Membership.

Feel free to contact Jim, email, or (501 915-0761) if you have any questions about this message.

Nominating Committee,
David Yard
Jim McPherson
Rick Gautier

Pickleball Club News

Bylaws Vote

The proposal to change the bylaws passed by a vote of 49-0. The change takes effect immediately. The Bylaws page on the website has been updated to reflect the changes.

The nominating committee will be sending out a request for nominations for the six elected board positions. Any Club member may nominate another member or themselves.

Public Relations Committee

Volunteers are needed to chair the committee or assist with publicity for the playing and social activities of the club. This is an essential function of the club to bring this great sport to other residents of Hot Springs Village.

Please contact Christie Borne with any questions or to volunteer to help.

Club Dues Reminder

Club dues were due January 1. Thank you if you have already renewed. Members with unpaid dues will drop off the roster and the club email list after a 30-day grace period. Details for membership are at this link:

Club Membership Renewal

The time has come to renew or join the HSV Pickleball Club at only $10 per year per individual.  The benefits:

  1. First & foremost:  free balls at the Courts (the Officers voted to continue to supply free balls as long as the Treasury can oblige.  There is a tremendous advantage to purchasing in bulk – the cost of balls is almost $5.00 per member per year.  Current cost for 1 yellow outdoor ball is $1.50.
  2. Scheduled fun Open Play and social activities
  3. Representing our sport as a strong, united voice with the POA
  4. Free clinics to improve your game
  5. Skill ratings available and skill events
  6. Supporting the club in basic costs – website, printed materials and club supplies for events

Click here for the form to send along with a $10 check.  Please note you also must have paid your POA pickleball dues to be a club member.