Beginners Classes at Desoto Courts will be held 2 times per week.

Tuesday evening at 3:00 PM

Saturday Morning at 10:00 AM

New players need not be members of the HSV Pickleball Club but must pay the POA daily fee of $5 for property owners or $8 for guest, each plus tax, to enter the courts.  After a new player has determined they would like to continue the lessons (usually 2 sessions) they will be asked to join the Club at a cost of $10 per person per year.

To find out more about these beginners classes or sign up for a class please click of the following link: Beginning Players Clinic/Play .

The instructor and Contact is – Ian Tompkins

Also see the Calendar for all scheduled activities. Click on the calendar event for more information.

Skill Level Beginner activities:

  • Develop reliable and consistent forehand and backhand ground strokes, volleys, overhead smash, and serves.
  • Learn how to approach the net as a serve-and-return team.
  • Learn proper footwork, grips, and the ready position.
  • Learn how to move on the court while maintaining good balance. Instructor.Christie Borne coordinates groups of players of similar skills or you can form your own group. Contact Christie Borne for Pickleball Clinic 101 Skill level 1.5-2.0
  • Group Lesson fee for 4 players: $52 per person/$36 per person for 6 players. 4 week session – 1 hour lesson per week. Time and day of the week will be determined by each group of players.