The time has come to renew or join the HSV Pickleball Club at only $10 per year per individual.  The benefits:

  1. First & foremost:  free balls at the Courts (the Officers voted to continue to supply free balls as long as the Treasury can oblige.  There is a tremendous advantage to purchasing in bulk – the cost of balls is almost $5.00 per member per year.  Current cost for 1 yellow outdoor ball is $1.50.
  2. Scheduled fun Open Play and social activities
  3. Representing our sport as a strong, united voice with the POA
  4. Free clinics to improve your game
  5. Skill ratings available and skill events
  6. Supporting the club in basic costs – website, printed materials and club supplies for events

Click here for the form to send along with a $10 check.  Please note you also must have paid your POA pickleball dues to be a club member.

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