Topics in this newsletter:

  1. Ladies Events
  2. Tuesday PM Drop-in

Ladies Events at 1:00 pm Monday and Saturday:
The ladies groups would like to remind the gentlemen that these groups are for ladies only. Men are welcome to form a separate group to play at the same time on separate courts.

Tuesday PM Drop-in:
Some players have requested to have a group formed for graduates of the Tuesday Beginner’s Clinic and others of more advanced skill level. It is played on the front 4 courts while the back 4 courts are reserved for the Beginner’s Clinic (beginning March 3 at 3pm). Instructors will be available for the clinic on the back courts. Anyone can play on the front 4 courts at that time.

This might be a small group at times. Therefore signup is requested so that others can see if there will be enough players to make it worthwhile to go to the courts. Sign up or check the number of signups by clicking on the this link. Or you can go to the calendar for March or later, click on the event name, then click on the Event Link button.

If you have signed up and decide to not to go at that time, please cancel so that others will know if there will not be enough players. If you think the weather looks too iffy or you have to wash your cat, remove your name from the list because others might be depending on you to show up.

You can sign up at the site without registering, but registering is recommended to make it easier to sign up for subsequent weeks or to cancel.

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