Description: A Drop-in session is one in which players simply drop in, without advance reservations, to play other Drop-in players Drop-in sessions are daily. There are two types of Drop-in sessions:

  • A 2-hour or larger block of time designated “Open Drop-in” for all players on selected courts.
  • A block of time reserved on selected days, on selected courts, for Drop-in of specific skill levels.
  • The special Work-up format was practiced on Fridays, however, while this is still possible, it has been discontinued at this time. If a majority of the players present wish to follow the Work-up format they may do so, and those who do not may choose a different court or courts. Courts must be split fairly and evenly.

Every day, except for Fridays Work-up, when a game finishes, any players that are waiting may rotate in. By local convention, the north side of the court serves first. For Work-up format instructions see below.

Friday drop-in has a different format. See the work-up format for Fridays.

Check the calendar for the times and days that can vary with the seasons.