The Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club, Honor Roll

It is the Club’s intention to set up an Honor Roll so that deceased Members may be remembered.

The late George Johnson is the first name to be placed on this Roll.

George helped in no small measure to create what this Club has become and he did it with skill, humor, a wry smile and a competitive spirit.

It is fitting that George be the first to be recognized on our Website Memorial Section where we can read about, and pause to remember, our Pickleball friends who have passed, and reflect on what they did for our Club and how they impacted our own lives.

Thank you George.

Ronnie Hawkins

We lost our good friend Ronnie on Jan 17, 2018.  As a retired coach he became one of our better players quickly, and was always ready to help others.  His smiles and always positive christian attitude are really missed on the courts.