Hot Springs Village PickleBall Tee shirts

Plans for tee shirts with the new logo are being developed. Details will be be posted once they have been completed. Questions maybe sent to Randy Share

Jim McPherson (Hot Springs Village)

Now representing Pro-Lite Sports.  They are the first company to produce composite paddles.  Their paddles are competitively priced between $50 – $110.  They have developed great workmanship, but still stand behind their paddles with a super warranty.

I have several of the newer models on hand as demos, so you can ‘try them before you buy one’.  (I would not recommend buying a paddle you have not tried)  If I don’t have the paddle on hand that you like, I can have it here in just a few days.  You will pay NO tax and NO delivery cost.

Jim McPherson contact info:  501-915-3512  – Email Jim McPherson

Christie Borne (Hot Springs Village)

Engage Pickleball Paddles – Approved by the USAPA

Encore, Encore Lite, Raven, and Ultimate Paddles

25% discount for each paddle if purchased through Code hsv101

Encore – $89 (7.4 – 7.8 oz.; 4 1/4 grip.) For enhanced control at the net, a soft ball feel (slowed paced), power and spin

Encore Lite – $89 (6.9 – 7.3 oz.; 4 1/4 grip) For a lighter paddle with less power, but more control

Encore Pro – $99  Ultimate power and control (7.8 – 8.3 oz.; 4 1/4 grip)

Raven – $55 (7.4 – 7.8 oz.; 4 1/4 grip) Entry level paddle with the largest head and surface size allowance, control, and moderate power

Ultimate – On Sale for $75, normally $85. (8.0 – 8.5) Heavier paddle with largest “sweetspot”, consistent feel, great control with power

Guardian II – $89 – Redefines control and ball forgiveness – imparts spin when and where needed.  Have plenty of power to put the ball away – 7.6 – 8.0 oz; 4 1/4 grip

Other paddles made and sold by Engage Pickleball: Encore Pro, Encore Blade, Ultra, Guardian, and Poach paddles.

Our Pickleball Club will receive 10% for every paddle sold.

Contact Christie Borne at  to set up times to demo paddles.

Pickleball Rocks
Pro-Lite Graphic paddles, gear, apparel and balls.
HSV Pickleball players will receive a $5 discount on their online orders using discount code ARPB5 during the purchase process.

Visit the Pickleball Rocks website at

Pickleball Central
Based in Kent, Washington, this company offers a wide selection of pickleball equipment as well as pickleball-themed accessories.
HSV Pickleball players will receive a 5% discount on their online orders using discount code CRHSV during the purchase process.

Visit the Pickleball Central website at

Pickleball Central will also benefit the HSV Pickleball Club through their affiliate program, with an annual 5% gift certificate for equipment/supplies based on total group sales for the year.