The club is attempting to gauge the interest in starting Doubles Ladder Leagues. The format is designed so that players mostly play others of similar skill level. The place on the ladder is based on the winning percentage (ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning points percentage. The results of the ten most recent weeks will be used for the calculation.

Weekly foursomes are created based on the position on the ladder. Each player will play one game to 15 with each of the other 3 members of the foursome. Play usually takes from 60-80 minutes. A 2-hour block of time is allocated so that the players can continue to play pick-up games after the ladder play is completed.

The format provides for the maximum amount of flexibility for the players. Players may enter or leave a league at any time or miss a week or more because of their schedule as long as they inform the ladder captain before the schedule is made out for the upcoming week.

There will be 3 separate ladders if there is enough interest (up to 2.5 skill level, 3.0-3.5, and 4.0 plus). The ladders are gender neutral with the overall skill level being the only consideration. If you do not have a formal club rating, you may self-rate based on your play relative to other club members. For comparison, the club skill rating is listed on the roster for many of the players.

The initial schedule begins on March 9 at 3pm with the 2.5- ladder on Mondays, the 3.0-3.5 ladder on Wednesdays, and the 4.0+ ladder on Thursdays. The time will vary with the seasons. Ladders might be combined if there are not enough players for three separate groups.

It very important to sign up at this link no later than March 1 so that we know that creating the ladders is feasible. You can sign up for the desired level. Remember that you can enter or leave the ladder at any time so please indicate your interest even if not available the first week.

We also need one or two ladder captains for each group. The ladder captain coordinates the play for their group and records the scores and makes out the schedule online. The only computer skills needed are the ability to enter scores, print the weekly schedule, and send emails to the players. There will be a brief training session for ladder captains.

Bill Booth is the event coordinator.

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