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Several club members recently participated in a paddle review of the Selkirk AMPED Omni X5 FiberFlex paddle. The paddle was offered for our review via the PickleballCentral Paddle Review Program. I have compiled the results of our review.

The first thing we noticed is this is a more lengthy paddle with a shorter grip which is preferred by those that like a “ping pong” grip or have smaller hands. Next thing we noticed was the thickness of the paddle, but the relative lightness and excellent balance felt for it’s weight.

When hitting ground stokes with this paddle we liked how quiet it was. Great feature for play near those that are not as pickleball friendly. The paddle plays great for the finesse player. The FiberFlex face really allowed us to control the ball well during dinking and put a ton of spin on the ball. The paddle provided great power with little effort. Even miss hits seemed to still have adequate power. The large sweet spot on the lengthen face gave me great confidence that I would be able to have great control, even on shots I had to really reach for on the run. Some felt that maybe due to the longer profile the paddle had more of a drag with overheads and quick backhands which may make it more preferred by power players looking for more control and finesse.

We felt the Amped Omni X5 was best suited for players that wanted to maximize control of their shots, especially using spin since this paddle seems to hold the ball on the face better than other paddles we are currently using. It’s large sweet spot provides all the power you will ever need. Personally, never owning a lengthened paddle before I felt like I could reach anything.

I want to thank Pickleball Central for providing this Great paddle for our review.

For more information on this paddle go to http://www.pickleballcentral.com/Selkirk_Sports_s/127.htm.

Randy Share

Randy Share – Pickleball Paddle Review

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