1. Play can start with any foursomes on the courts. (i.e., in order of arrival.)
  1. At the end of the games, the two winners move up a court, and the two losers move down a court. The winners of the top court stay. It may be helpful to begin ‘rally scoring’ (a point is scored every serve, and win by one point) as soon as the first game is finished. That way everyone can start the next round together, and the players that finished their games early won’t have a long wait.

    The team members MUST split for the next game. Use a fair method of matching the partners for the next game, like choosing 1 or 2 held behind the paddle. As play continues, there will be players coming into each court that you have already been paired with. In that case, play with the one you have not played with. If all four players have already played with each other, then go back to the blind pick.

  1. As this process continues, you will find that the better players have moved toward the top courts. This will separate the stronger players from the weaker, and add to the enjoyment of all.
  1. The beginning court is where new players who show up, and the uneven players, wait to enter the play.
  1. ALL waiting players enter the play at the end of each round as follows:
  • 1 player – one of the losers from the beginning court come off. (Again, use a fair method to determine which)
  • 2 players – The two players from the losing team on the beginning court come off.
  • 3 players – The two losers from the beginning court, and one of the losers from the next court up come off.
  • 4 players – Start another foursome on the beginning court, and all other courts move up.