What is a USAPA Skill Rating?

A Skill Rating is used to group players by ability levels so that players can compete in tournaments or leagues with other players of similar ability. Keep in mind that the IFP/USAPA rating system is not a perfect system. It should, however, improve a player’s chances of having a more competitive and fun match.

How do I Get a Rating?

The HSV Pickleball Club Ratings Committee is made up of Jim McPherson, Jane Riffel and Christie Borne. The committee conducts periodic Rating Clinics for interested players. Players will receive via email the information they need to self-rate before attending a ratings clinic.

At the clinic, players are placed into a doubles-playing situation according to their self-rating. Each player is then rated based on their individual skills. If there is a question regarding the rating, the player will be placed in a group with an established rating. (Example: Jimmy rated himself as a 2.5. The Ratings Committee places him in a doubles game with persons who also rate themselves 2.5. The Ratings Committee thinks he’s capable at the 3.0 level. Jimmy then is placed with a group of proven 3.0 players to evaluate whether he can compete within this group.)

The following PDF files have a description of the ratings and a form to be filled out by the Rating Team.