HSV Pickleball Club members work on taping temporary courts as construction begins on new HSV Pickleball Complex.

Photos By FT Eyre

As Randy mentioned in the previous post, these courts will provide backups as the Hot Springs Village new courts are being built. When the new courts are completed the Village will have 14 Tournament ready Pickleball Courts. For information on joining the Pickleball Club, contact Greg Allen at primesports2006@sbcglobal.net

Court taping​

Jim ​Erickson, T​willa Tompkins, and Dennis Wild, part of the Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club crew, work at taping Pickleball Courts on the Boys & Girls Club Tennis Courts outside the West Gate

HSV Pickleball Court Taping Crew

Top: Don VICKERS, Randy SHARE, Jay CHRISTENSON, Calvin DOODY, Bob SUNDELL, Dennis BLACK, Dennis WILD. Bottom: Ian and Twilla TOMPKINS, Greg ALLEN, and Jim ERICKSON.

Please Note: For Play on these courts, please refer to Randy Share’s earlier post…there is no court scheduling or court reservations and you must bring your own balls.


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